New blog! Who dis?

Ok. I hope you guys think my blog title is a lot less “cringey” than my grade 9s did…I’ll just get right to it. I’m Jill. A wife, mom of 4 girls, high school english teacher and grad student. We live in a small town, and I am lucky enough to work at the local school where my kids also attend. I love to run, ride my spin bike, read, drink coffee, garden, going to Rider games and camping with my family. I’m really into goal setting. This year, I want to learn how to make things out of wood – like I’m talking tik tok influencer kind of DIY (minus actually making the tik toks). I also made a goal to finish my masters by the end of 2022, and I am right on track! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad to be finishing up this part of my life. This has been ONE. TOUGH. SLUG. but I am so proud of myself for getting it done! Being a full time teacher, parent and taking a class (or two) is no joke! I’m just really looking forward to the next few months, and can’t wait to see where this class will take me!


2 thoughts on “New blog! Who dis?

  1. I love the way your personality and humor comes across in your writing, Jill! It made your blog stand out right away on the Blog Hub site. How is it going with the woodworking? Have you made anything exciting yet? Finishing up your Master’s degree this year will be SO WORTH IT when you are all done! Best of luck in your final stretch!


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