Major Project Ponderings

My project will be a mixture of building a resource and a person journey with technology.

When Alec first introduced the final project, my mind immediately went to my grade 8s. They require some (understatement) support in the digital citizenship area. This is a group that followed the “Devious Licks” trend on tiktok very closely…

Dr. Ribble’s presentation was very enlightening, and I found my wheels turning. I love the S3 framework and plan to organize my project around that: Safe, Savvy and Social. This year, I will be teaching this as a unit, however eventually I would like to weave digital citizenship throughout all of my ELA courses.

Some plans I have are…

I plan to use resources like Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma”. I feel pretty comfortable using most things on the google platform, as well as kahoot and flipgrid but I am interested to hear what others use in their classrooms.

Which resources can you suggest for me, keeping in mind that I will base my teaching around the S3 framework?


4 thoughts on “Major Project Ponderings

  1. I really like your idea about the Netflix documentary, Jill. I think that to start teaching digital citizenship we have to remember three simple maxims: Be safe, be savvy and be social. You are on a right track and I am sure that you will find more ways in this.


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  3. My kiddos love Blooket in place of Kahoot. You can still play a traditional-style game like Kahoot, but there are also other versions the kiddos can play, and also create. This could be a good way for students to share their learning throughout their journey. I do have to warn you though that when creating a Blooket they can take time. So make sure that you set enough time out if you are going to ask your kiddos to take up a project such as this one. It will be worth it though, and future students will also be able to learn from your kiddos in your current classroom. Could be a pretty neat project!


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